Paw PAC – Animal Bills For Activists: 2017

These animal-related bills are currently working their way through the California legislature. Although you will not have the opportunity to vote on these bills, it is important for you to make your opinions known by contacting the legislators who represent you in the Assembly and the Senate. The most effective way to find out which Assembly Members and Senators represent you is to go to the following website and follow the instructions: Read more

California Statutes – Pg. 3

Statute by category Citation Summary CA – Ordinances – Regulation and control of dogs; maintenance of pound and rabies control programs; vaccination clinics; issuanc West’s Ann. Cal. Health & Safety Code § 121690 This California statute provides that, in rabies areas, every owner of dogsolder than four months shall get a new dog license at least … Read more

Key Animal-Related Bills Signed into Law during 2014

Bill No. Name Legislator Summary AB 1511 Criminal history information: animal control officers. Gaines Would authorize the DOJ and local criminal justice agencies to provide state and local summary criminal history information to an animal control officer employed by a city, county, or city and county for the purposes of performing his or her duties. … Read more