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June 6, 2016

Below is the list of the animal-related bills currently working their way through the California legislature. Although you will not have the opportunity to vote on these bills, it is important for you to make your opinions known by contacting the legislators who represent you in the Assembly and the Senate. The most effective way to find out which Assembly Members and Senators represent you is to go to the following website and follow the instructions:


The most effective way to contact your legislative representatives is a traditional written letter. However, you can also contact your representatives via email. There will typically be an email form on your representatives’ websites rather than an email address.

You will contact your Assembly Members regarding Assembly bills and Senators regarding Senate bills. Please make your letters and/or emails brief, polite, and specific to the bill that you are asking the legislator to support or oppose. You will want to include the information pertaining the bill that is included below.

The current status of the bill is also provided. Additional information about the bills can be obtained at the following website:

How to contact your legislator:

  • A brief, polite and specific letter or email.
  • Email forms are on your representatives’ websites rather than an email address.
  • Assembly members regarding Assembly bills and Senators regarding Senate bills.
  • Additional information about the bills can be obtained at the following website: leginfo.gov
  • In order to locate your California Assembly and Senate districts and legislator, please visit this website:



Bills that need your help, in order of importance and their pending hearing:

SB 1062 (Lara) – Bans the use of bull hooks, baseball bats and other devices used to inflict pain and instill fear on elephants.  Violation will be a civil penalty only, NOT a crime (in order to avoid another VETO).  SUPPORT
Amended 5-26, clarification language re permit.  Hearing:  Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee, June 14th.

Tell your legislator that elephants have suffered tremendously at the mercy of inhumane practices by circuses, zoos and traveling exhibits long enough.  The bull hook and other devices used to cause pain should be banned.


SB 1114 (Allen) – No gill net permits will be issued after March 1 31, 2017 and requires the department to revoke certain gill net permits. Would end the most harmful fishing practice on the West Coast by reducing the number of damaging drift gill nets used to catch swordfish off California’s coast and phasing out the remaining few drift gill net permits. The bill also transitions the industry to the more sustainable deep-set buoy gear. The bill has the potential to save thousands of whales, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals.  SUPPORT
  Passed Senate policy cmte 7-2. Amended 5-11 to take affect 3-31-2017. As of May 27th, held in Senate Appropriations Committee and under submission.

Tell your legislator that thousands of unintended whales, sharks, sea turtles and other marine animals are trapped and killed in gill nets yearly.  And the gill nets are merely tossed overboard to cause more havoc to ocean life when the fishing boats determine the nets are no longer useful to them.


AB 2269 (Waldron) – The bill would prohibit an animal shelter that accepts animals from the public or takes in stray or unwanted animals from selling, giving, or otherwise transferring a live animal for experimentation or testing. Licensed veterinarians who are training veterinary and/or technician students are exempted.  SUPPORT
Status:  Passed full Assembly 77-0.  Amended 4-21. In Senate Judiciary Committee, no date set.

Tell your legislator that animal test information does not extrapolate to humans and alternative processes now available are more reliable.  Also stray animals make unreliable research models as they have not had proper nutrition and often suffer from undetectable diseases (not to mention the inhumane aspect of experimenting on an already suffering animal).


AB 797 (Steinorth) – Civil liability.  Rescue of child or animal from car.  Prohibits any civil liability or cause of action against a person for damage to a motor vehicle, if the damage was caused while the person was rescuing or providing care to a minor or animal.  SUPPORT
Passed full Assembly 77-0. Amended to apply to animals only. Hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee June 14th.

Tell your legislator that it is often necessary to provide IMMEDIATE rescue and care for a child or animal when they are locked inside of a motor vehicle – especially during the hottest months of the year.  Tragically, there continues to be reports of children (and animals) suffocating inside of a locked car.


AB 1825 (Gordon & Maienschein) – Vicious dogs – definition. This bill would redefine a vicious dog: Any dog, when unprovoked, that inflicts severe injury on or kills a human being.  SUPPORT
  Passed full Assembly 75-0. In Senate Judiciary Committee, no date set.

Tell your Assemblymember that it is important to support this bill so that not all dogs that cause injury to people are automatically deemed to be dangerous, seized, and destroyed.  By specifically defining “vicious dogs,” a greater responsibility is placed on the dogs’ owners to prevent injuries from occurring. Dogs seized in fighting busts should not automatically be classified as vicious. 


AB 2755 (Gallagher) –This bill would provide for the damages in a civil action for the wrongful and willful taking, possessing, harboring, or transporting of a beehive, for the wrongful and willful removal of bees from their beehive, or for the wrongful and willful killing or destroying of bees.  SUPPORT
  Passed full Assembly 76-0.  Hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee, June 14th.

Tell your legislator that California has the largest beekeeping industry of any state in the United States (nearly 500,000 colonies of bees). Commercial beekeepers move their hives at least six times each year to pollinate crops or to place them near natural food sources for bees. Nearly three-fourths of the country’s documented commercial honeybee crop pollination is conducted in California. In recent months, there has been a significant reduction in honeybee population due to Colony Collapse Disorder and other problems such as poor nutrition due to lack of available “bee pasture,” that is, pollen- and nectar-producing flowers. This has created a serious threat to our food supply, and this crisis threatens to wipe out production of crops dependent on bees for pollination.


SB 945 (Monning) – Pet board facilities.  Establishes standards and procedures for the care and maintenance of pets boarded at a pet boarding facility, (construction, sanitation, hours pet may be left unobserved, number of pets in an enclosure, availability of food and water).  SUPPORT
Passed Senate policy Cmte 9-0. Amended 4-25: Authorizes city or county to adopt ordinances that establish additional standards and requirements for pet boarding facilities.  Re-referred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

Tell your legislator that pet owners who board their pets may be unaware that California law does not establish minimum standards of care for conditions at pet boarding facilities such as quantity of food and water, limitations on the time pets spend in cages, veterinary care, or emergency evacuation plans.  Operators of pet boarding facilities need to have clear guidance and help that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of pets.  Pet Owners need protection for their pets.  Unfortunately, in recent years, several incidents of death have occurred at pet boarding facilities that would NOT have occurred if this bill had been in place.


AB 2505 (Quirk) – Euthanasia. With respect to the killing of a dog or cat, prohibits a person from using carbon dioxide gas. SUPPORT
  Passed full Assembly 20-0.  In Senate Public Safety, hearing postponed, no new date yet.

Tell your legislator that It’s necessary to close the loophole that exists in the current law that states it is still LEGAL to euthanize an animal with carbon dioxide (CO2).  It can take several minutes for an animal to actually lose consciousness and die by this inhumane method of euthanasia. And infant animals, animals that are ill as well as older animals have been known to take considerably longer – sometimes necessitating that they be put through the chamber twice. Furthermore, since no state agency is responsible for conducting inspections on the chambers that are being used – outdated, and faulty systems are posing health risks to anyone performing the procedure. Removed from the IMPORTANT BILLS as of June 2nd.


SB1200 (Jackson) – Requires that the annual report to the Governor published by the department shall include information concerning arrests for animal cruelty.  SUPPORT
Completely watered down – amendment May 27th eliminates the required training for law enforcement officers that would have acknowledged the link between animal cruelty and human violence.  Placed on the consent calendar for the Senate floor vote.



AB 2305 (Bloom) – Protection of orcas. Prohibits captive breeding of orcas in California, and prohibits orcas, other than those currently in captivity, from being held in captivity, and prohibits use of orcas for purposes of display, performance or entertainment purposes, with exceptions for education. SUPPORT
Status: Passed Asm. Water, Parks & Wildlife 12-1, re-referred to Rules Cmte.
Tell your legislator that although Sea World has agreed to end its captive breeding program, company leadership can change and with it, so can company directions. The people of California and animal welfare advocates deserve the assurance that the captive breeding of orcas is permanent.

SB 1416 (Stone) – Salton Sea restoration. Amended 3/28 Allows an individual to designate on his or her tax return a voluntary contribution to the Revive the Salton Sea Fund. The bill would require the Franchise Tax Board to revise the tax return form to include a space for the designation of contributions to the fund and to include specified information, including the purposes for which the contribution would be used.
Status: Passed Senate Governance and Finance 7-0, now in Senate Appropriations.
Tell your legislator that it is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to clean up the Salton Sea, and this tax designation will ultimately have an effect on wildlife that depend on the Salton Sea.

AB 2716 (Dodd) – CA Meat & Poultry Supplemental Inspection Act currently sets annual license renewal fees for custom livestock slaughterhouses and meat processing establishments. This bill would extend the current licensing and renewal provisions from January 1, 2017 until January 1, 2022.  No position
Passed full Assembly 79-0. In Senates Rules to be assigned to a cmte.

SB 1191 (Berryhill)–“Wildlife Management Plan.”  It’s a long read with lofty language interspersed with conditions that make this a bill to facilitate and lock in hunting activities while ignoring viewing and photographing activities.  For example, public meetings are to be held in locations where “participants” (aka hunters) are concentrated.  OPPOSE
Status: Held in Senate Natural Resources Cmte, hopefully a dead bill.

SB 1270 (Galgiani) – Diseased animals and poultry. This bill would extend the Department of Food and Agriculture’s fee schedule FROM January 1, 2017, to January 1, 2022. NO POSITION
Status: Passed Senate Agriculture 5-0. Hearing in Senate Appropriations May 16.

AB 1824 (Chang) – Service dogs. Deletes requirement that service dog must be performing its duties if injured or killed by another dog for it to be a crime.
Status: Passed Assembly 76-0. In Senate Appropriations, (Not a priority bill of Paw PAC)

SB 1331 (Pavley) – Requires the State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind to increase the board members who are blind to 3, and would require one representative from each of the 2 major consumer organizations representing Californians who are blind or visually impaired. SUPPORT
Status: Passed Senate BP&E 8-0. Hearing 5/16 in Senate Appropriations. (Not a priority bill for Paw PAC)

AB 2278 (Linder) – This bill would make the owner or keeper of an animal that is seized for public safety reasons to be financially responsible to the seizing agency, and if the animal is impounded, to the impounding agency, for the entire cost of the seizure or impoundment of the animal, including costs associated with preparing and posting notices.  NEUTRAL
Status: Passed Assembly floor 79-0. In Senate Rules for assignment. (Not a priority bill of Paw PAC)

SB 1282 (Leno & Allen) – Re pesticides; honey bee protection & restrictions.
Status: Sent to SUSPENSE FILE, May or may NOT be heard and move forward.

AB 2760 (Mathis) – Landlord & tenant re conditions and standards of a tenant who has a support animal. OPPOSE
Status: Dead bill.

SB 1395 (Stone) – Crimes: Increases animal felony penalties.
Status: Dead bill.

AB 2052 (Williams) Animal cruelty, makes technical changes.
Status: Dead bill.

AB 2596 (Bloom) – Pesticides:
Status: Dead bill.

AB 665 (Frazier) – from 2015. Gives complete authority to Fish & Game and Department of Fish & Wildlife and removes the rights of cities and counties to adopt their own ordinances. OPPOSE
Status: Stalled bill,probably dead bill.

AB 1188 (Gipson) –from 2015. Bans the possession and importation of any crocodile, alligator or kangaroo parts.
Status: Dead bill.

AB 1543 (Brough) –Requires additional fines for animal abuse to be paid to the local public animal control agency that has jurisdiction over the location where the violation occurred, and to compensate the owner or caretaker of an animal that requires medical care, rehabilitation, or recovery as a result of the animal abuse. SUPPORT
Status: INACTIVE, probably a dead bill.

AB 1792 (Wood) Fish & Game Commission – The commission shall allocate a specific number of elk tags to federally-recognized Indian tribes in California for the purpose of cultural or religious ceremonies or celebrations. Opens door for Indian ‘guides’ for tourist hunting. OPPOSE
Status: Sent to SUSPENSE file, probably a dead bill.

AB 976 (Steinorth) – Would allow a deduction, not to exceed $100, under that law for the qualified costs paid or incurred by a taxpayer for the adoption of a qualified pet, as defined, from a qualified animal rescue organization. SUPPORT
Status: Held in cmte, probably a dead bill

SB 237 (Anderson & Leno) –Related to Animal Control Officers.
Status: INACTIVE, probably a dead bill.

SB 457 (Nielsen) – From 2015. Amends Fish & Game Code.
Status: INACTIVE, probably a dead bill

SB 1081 (Morrell) – Fish & Game Code – Free hunting/fishing licenses for veterans.
Status: Sent to SUSPENSE file, probably a dead bill.

AB 1844 (Gallagher) – Free hunting/fishing licenses for veterans (Fish & Wildlife Dept.) OPPOSE
Status: Sent to SUSPENSE file, probably a dead bill.

SB 1188 (McGuire, Nielsen, Wolk) – Requires CDFW to pay required tax and fees for Wildlife Management Areas.
Status: Sent to SUSPENSE file, probably a dead bill.

SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION (Fuller) –“National Day of the Cowboy”, OPPOSE


Bill Tracking and Paw PAC updates by:
President, Paw PAC

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