Endorsements for the California Primary Election


California State Senate Endorsements
(only odd districts are being elected this year)
District 1: Rob Rowen (D)
District 3: Mariko Yamada (D)
District 5: Cathleen Galgiani (D)
District 7: Steve Glazer (D)
District 9: Katherine Welch (D)
District 11: Scott Wiener (D)
District 13: Jerry Hill (D)
District 15: Jim Beall (D)
District 17: Bill Monning (D)
District 19: Hannah-Beth Jackson (D)
District 21: Scott Wilk (R)
District 23: (no endorsement*)
District 25: Anthony Portantino (D)District 27: Janice Kamenir-Reznik (D)
District 29: Sukhee Kang (D) and
Ling Ling Chang (R)
District 31: Richard Roth (D)
District 33: Ricardo Lara (D)
District 35: Steven Bradford (D)
District 37: Ari Grayson (D)
District 39: Toni Atkins (D)
District 1: (no endorsement*)
District 2: Jim Wood (D)
District 3: James Gallagher (R)
District 4: Elmer Mark Kropp (D)
District 5: (no endorsement*)
District 6: Brian Caples (D)
District 7: Kevin McCarty (D)
District 8: Ken Cooley (D)
District 9: Jim Cooper (D)
District 10: Marc Levine (D)
District 11: (no endorsement*)
District 12: (no endorsement*)
District 13: Susan Eggman (D)
District 14: Mae Torlakson (D)
District 15: Tony Thurmond (D)
District 16: Catharine Baker (R)
District 17: David Chiu (D)
District 18: Rob Bonta (D)
District 19: Phil Ting (D)
District 20: (no endorsement*)
District 21: Adam Gray (D)
District 22: Kevin Mullin (D)
District 23: (no endorsement*)
District 24: (no endorsement*)
District 25: Kansen Chu (D)
District 26: (no endorsement*)
District 27: Madison Nguyen (D)
District 28: Evan Low (D)
District 29: Mark Stone (D)
District 30: (no endorsement*)
District 31: (no endorsement*)
District 32: Rudy Salas (D)
District 33: (no endorsement*)
District 34: (no endorsement*)
District 35: (no endorsement*)
District 36: Steve Fox (D)
District 37: (no endorsement*)
District 38: (no endorsement*)
District 39: Patty Lopez (D)
District 40: Marc Steinorth (R)
District 41: Chris Holden (D)
District 42: Greg Rodrigues (D) and
Chad Mayes (R)
District 43: Laura Friedman (D)
District 44: Jacqui Irwin (D)
District 45: Matt Dababneh (D)
District 46: Adrin Nazarian (D)
District 47: Cheryl Brown (D)
District 48: Cory Ellenson (R)
District 49: Ed Chau (D)
District 50: Richard Bloom (D)
District 51: Jimmy Gomez (D)
District 52: Freddie Rodriguez (D)
District 53: Miguel Santiago (D)
District 54: Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D)
District 55: Ray Marquez (R)
District 56: Eduardo Garcia (D)
District 57: Ian Calderon (D)
District 58: Cristina Garcia (D)
District 59: Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D)
District 60: Eric Linder (R)
District 61: Jose Medina (D)
District 62: Autumn Burke (D)
District 63: Anthony Rendon (D)
District 64: (no endorsement*)
District 65: Young Kim (R)
District 66: David Hadley (R)
District 67: (no endorsement*)
District 68: Alexia Deligianni-Brydges (R)
District 69: Tom Daly (D)
District 70: Patrick O’Donnell (D)
District 71: (no endorsement*)
District 72: Travis Allen (R)
District 73: (no endorsement)
District 74: Katherine Daigle (R)
District 75: Marie Waldron (R)
District 76: (no endorsement*)
District 77: Brian Maienschein (R)
District 78: (no endorsement*)
District 79: Shirley Weber (D)

*no endorsement = no questionnaire was returned, or questionnaire contained unfavorable responses, or candidate had an unfavorable voting record.

The mission of the LOHVCa® is to increase protections for animals.  We do that by making our community aware of candidates who share our interest in animal protection.

The LOHVCa® recognizes that animal protection requires laws and enforcement.  Animal exploitation is a political issue, not just a moral one.  We intend to make animal protection a mainstream political issue by building support among citizens, activists, political parties, candidates, and elected representatives.

The LOHVCa®  is pleased to provide you with the following list of candidates who we are endorsing in the June 7, 2016 California primary election.  We selected endorsed candidates through a careful analysis of past voting records of incumbent legislators, and through a detailed questionnaire for new candidates.  The questionnaires contained a variety of items relating to important animal issues.  Additionally, we solicited all candidates’ willingness to sponsor legislation to improve the plight of animals.

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