Key Animal-Related Bills Signed into Law during 2014

Bill No.




AB 1511

Criminal history information: animal control officers.


Would authorize the DOJ and local criminal justice agencies to provide state and local summary criminal history information to an animal control officer employed by a city, county, or city and county for the purposes of performing his or her duties. The bill would permit a local agency to charge a reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs of providing that information.

AB 1685

Structural pest control operators:  fees


Allows email delivery (first class mail, posting in a conspicuous place on the real property, or personal mail already allowed) of notices from registered structural pest control companies to owner and tenant of the premises where work is to be done.  Allows Structural Pest Control Board to charge up to $60 for administering examination required for license to be an applicator.

AB 1809

Dogs:  health certificates


Would require a person seeking to bring a dog into this state, or importing dogs into this state for the purpose of resale or change of ownership, to obtain a health certificate with respect to that dog that has been completed by a licensed veterinarian and is dated within 10 days prior to the date on which the dog is brought into the state.

AB 1810

Deposits for keeping: abandoned animals


Current law requires a veterinarian, dog kennel, cat kennel, pet-grooming parlor, animal hospital, or any other animal care facility, as provided, to humanely destroy an abandoned animal, if unable to place the animal with a new owner. This bill changes the “shall humanely destroy” to “may euthanize”.  It also allows the facility to turn over to a shelter or rescue group, provided the shelter has been contacted and has not refused.

AB 1965

Outdoor dining facilities: pet dogs


Would authorize a food facility to allow a person to bring a pet dog in outdoor dining areas if specified conditions are satisfied. The bill would authorize a city, county, or city and county to prohibit that conduct by ordinance.

AB 2056

Insurance: pet insurance


Would add pet insurance as a type of miscellaneous insurance, define certain terms, and specify certain disclosures an insurer of pet insurance is required to make to consumers. This bill would require an insurer of pet insurance to disclose, among other things, whether the policy excludes coverage because of a preexisting condition, a hereditary disorder, a congenital anomaly or a chronic condition, and would require that pet insurance policies have a free look cancellation period of not less than 30 days, as provided.

AB 2071

Recycled water:  pasture animals


This bill would require the State Department of Public Health to determine if the use of disinfected tertiary treated recycled water for the purpose of providing water to pasture animals would be safe for public and animal health. Would authorize the department to approve the use of disinfected tertiary treated recycled water for this purpose if the department determines that its use would not harm public or animal health but would prohibit the use of disinfected tertiary treated recycled water in the water supply for dairy animals that are currently producing dairy products for human consumption.

AB 2075

Crimes:  importation or sale of endangered animals


Current law makes it a misdemeanor, after January 1, 2015, to import into the state for commercial purposes, to possess with intent to sell, or to sell within the state, the dead body, or any part or product thereof, of an alligator or crocodilian species. This bill would delay the effective date of this provision until January 1, 2020.

AB 2264

Victim compensation: guide, signal, or service dogs


Would provide when a person permits another dog to kill or injure a guide, signal, or service dog or a person intentially causes injury or death to a service dog then the persons with a disability are eligible for compensation from the Restitution Fund if the defendant is unable to make restitution.

AB 2364 State amphibian: California red-legged frog Perez

This bill would establish the California red-legged frog as the official state amphibian.

AB 2657 Environmentally sensitive areas:  use of anticoagulants Bloom This bill would prohibit the use of any pesticide that contains one or more of specified anticoagulants, including brodifacoum and bromadiolone, in wildlife habitat areas, as defined.
SB 1167

Vector Control


Current law authorizes the State Department of Public Health, a county board of supervisors, or a governing board of a city to take specified actions, including purchasing poison, traps, and other materials, for the purpose of exterminating and destroying rodents. This bill would additionally require that person to abate specified conditions that are causing the infestation. The bill would also authorize the department, the county board of supervisors, and the governing body of a city to abate specified conditions that are causing the infestation.

SB 1323 Specialized license plates: Pet Lover’s License Plate Program Lieu Would require the DMV to deposit the additional fees under the Pet Lover’s License Plate Program into the Pet Lover’s Specialized License Plate Fund, which the bill would establish. Requires that these funds be continuously appropriated to the Veterinary Medical Board for the sole and exclusive purpose of funding grants to providers of no-cost or low-cost animal sterilization services.
SJR 22 Cruelty-free cosmetics Block This measure would urge the United States Congress to enact legislation that would establish reasonable deadlines for the prohibition of the testing and marketing of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals. The measure would also urge the federal government to mandate alternative methods to animal testing of cosmetic products and to prioritize the validation and acceptance of additional nonanimal tests.
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