Legislators of the Year – 2015



Asm Maienschein, Legislator of the Yr award from Paw PAC

Paw PAC grades CA legislators on their voting record for animal issues. Assemblyman Brian Maienschein clearly won the ‘Legislator of the Year’ award as he voted favorably on all of the animal bills as well as authoring several bills benefitting animals. He’s the FIRST REPUBLICAN to receive the honor of Legislator of the Year. Accepting his plaque, Asm Maienschein is shown with Paw PAC President, Beverlee McGrath, and board member Eric Mills.

Assemblyman Brian Maienschein (Republican – District #77, San Diego) and Senator Ricardo Lara (Democrat – District #33, Long Beach), have been named ‘Legislators of the Year’ by PawPAC, California’s largest Political Action Committee for Animals, a non-partisan political action committee that grades legislators on performance, not politics.


“It is an honor to be recognized as Legislator of the Year by PawPAC for my legislation that will help animals in California,” said Assemblymember Maienschein. “We must continue to provide assistance to animals in need of care and protection. I am proud to author and support measures that will ensure the safety of animals, pet owners, first responders and veterinarians in times of crisis.”


NOTE: Since 1980, PawPAC has been publishing annual Charts of the voting records of state legislators on bills affecting animals and the environment.

Beverlee McGrath, Paw PAC’s spokesperson who prepared the Voting Chart, said;

“This year’s chart has special significance as it’s the FIRST TIME a Republican has been voted ‘Legislator of the Year’. Assemblyman Maienschein deserved his A+++ as he not only voted with us on every issue before the legislature, but he also authored three important animal bills in an effort to strengthen California’s laws that impact animals.”


AB 494 – Allows for pets to be included in civil restraining orders (Passed); AB 316 allows for assistance from veterinarians located in other states when necessary (Passed); AB 317 would have provided for temporary animal shelters in a state of emergency (Vetoed).

SB 716 – Authored by Senator Lara, was highly controversial as it would have banned the bull hook, ankus, baseball bat, axe handle, pitchfork and abusive behavior toward elephants. Governor Brown Vetoed the bill.


Four Assembly members received an A+ for authoring important animal bills:

Toni Atkins-AB 96
Matthew Dababneh-AB 147
Eric Linder-AB794
Marc Steinorth-AB976


The lowest grade possible, an F, went to four legislators:

Jim Frazier
Matthew Harper
Ted Gaines
Sharon Runner

PawPAC’s voting chart and efforts to elect animal-friendly candidates to the California legislature is supported by the League of Humane Voters California.

Director Alison Stanley, Ph.D. said,

“We must continue to speak on behalf of the animals as long as they continue to be neglected, abused, and exploited.”


For further information, contact:
Beverlee McGrath, Paw PAC
(805) 816-4155

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